Exupéry Le Petit Prince

355,00 грн

Вікова категорія: 12-14 років, 15-18 років, 9-11 років

Додаткова інформація


248 x 210

Автор Exupéry А.
Мова Французька
Кількість сторінок




Видавництво Час Майстрів


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If you once read the book like “The Little Prince”, there are some times when you understand: as we grow up, we`re losing something great and valuable – things that makes us happy. Some begin a search for that lost treasure. Some are prepared even to board a space ship, just to find the planet where the little golden haired boy is taking care of his flower. But maybe there is no need to travel so far away? For this little boy lives in us, he`s still our friend, our kids friend. When we grew up, in constant fighting for the best place in this world, we forgot him. We forgot that no one can have this world all for himself, that this world belongs to us all, as a whole. Because the world – that`s us in the first place. We forgot that “the world” means colors, smells, emotions and feelings. And among all that, the utmost feeling is – love. That`s why “The Little Prince” is still hiding somewhere inside us, he`s waiting to be remembered, he`s waiting for you to say: “The Little Prince! I`m ready to walk by your side! ”